Fall 2011, v.61, no. 2

Fall 2011, v.61, no. 2

Field Notes

Mobile Initiatives at the University of Idaho Library by Kristin J. Henrich and Jeremy Kenyon

Lessons from a Successful Teen Program by Dara Lohnes

Building School Libraries in Peru by Jill Mitchell

Tech Talk

eReading for Research by Michelle Armstrong

Launching the Boise Public Library YouTube Channel by Jim Jatkevicius

Roving Reference, iPad-Style by Fiona May


College and Career Ready: Working Together for Idaho by Lynn N. Baird, Stephanie Bailey-White, Ben Hunter, and Ann Joslin

Ukranian Libraries: Past and Present by Amy Campbell

Idaho Library Association Trustee of the Year: John Held by Barry Myers

What Harry Potter Taught Me about Organizational Change and ALA by Gina Persichini

A Conversation with Archivist Alan Virta by Julia Stringfellow


Gift Subscription by Bret Fowler


ILA Educational Scholarship Winners by Kristi Brumley

Meet the Winners of 2011 ILA Awards by Amy Vecchione


Treaties and Treachery [Review] reviewed by Christopher N. Fox

Run the Rivers with Lewis and Clark [Review] reviewed by Erica Littlefield

Imprisoned in Paradise [Review] reviewed by Alison Perry

Memory Wall [Review] reviewed by Amy Vecchione

Scribes, Scripts, and Books [Review] reviewed by Lizzy Walker


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