Dr. Kathleen Hedberg Receives 2012 Friend of the Year Award

by Marilia Y. Antunez

The Idaho Library Association’s Awards and Scholarships Committee is pleased to award to Dr. Kathleen Hedberg the 2012 Friend of the Year Award.

In harmony with the purpose of the award, Kathleen has made substantial related library service contributions to her community of Burley, Idaho.  She reflects a selfless commitment to her community and the library and demonstrates active involvement and leadership.   As a Friend of the Burley Public Library, she demonstrates the use of her expertise in local history and as an author to positively affect everyone in her community and in her profession.  Kathleen has been past president of Friends of the Burley Public Library and has been instrumental in several city-wide projects.

To qualify for this award, nominees must be an individual Friend of the Library or a Friends Group, a current member of the Idaho Library Association, display exceptional contributions to a library, contributed significant length of service, achieved a significant project, or collaborated with outside groups on a significant project.

Kathleen’s colleagues commented that she has “gone above and beyond the traditional ‘Friend’ with her work documenting community stories and helping to write grants.”  In addition, to her length of service, another colleague praised Kathleen for “her efforts at helping not just the library but the historical legacy of the area in which she lives.”

Marilia Y. Antunez, Assistant Professor/Librarian, Albertsons Library, Boise State University


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