Jillian Huang 2012 Special Services to Libraries Award

by Amy Vecchione

Jillian Huang (formerly Subach) was nominated by her former employees at Boise Public Library! Collister. Being recognized by those who you must lead and supervise is among the most flattering of honors. Jillian’s achievements while a librarian, as well as her work beyond with the Treasure Valley Institute for Children’s Arts (TrICA), made her an outstanding nominee for the Special Services to Libraries award, making it easy for us to recognize her for this honor.

While a librarian for Boise Public Library, Jillian collaborated with many community members to facilitate a Readers are Leaders book discussion group. One of the highlights of her work there was bringing former CEO of Micron, Steve Appleton, to a youth book discussion to inspire youth to continue reading. Jillian tirelessly served as a Legislative Co-Chair for the Idaho Library Association. Her dedication and professionalism ran very deep. On one occasion she was asked by Lori Otter to dress as Ida from the book Ida Visits The Capitol, written by Mrs. Otter. She worked extremely well with the legislators during her time in this position and worked to meet the needs of all of Idaho’s citizens in this capacity through the power of libraries.

After leaving her position at Boise Public Library to climb Mt. Everest and move to Singapore, she continued to work with TrICA to advance literacy and information literacy skills. On the Board at TrICA she facilitated work with all of the libraries in the Boise Public Library system to host arts programming.

Jillian’s nominators wrote: “Not only did Jillian diligently serve the public, appease her staff members, and manage professional obligations, but she also made it look enjoyable. She made me want to be a librarian.”

“Although it’s been five years since Jillian worked in this position, rarely does a week go by that someone doesn’t mention her. Whether it’s a patron, a school teacher, or a fellow staff member, she has left a legacy here. Part of that legacy had to do with eating worms, being covered in slime, sitting in dunk tanks, holding large snakes, and a hilarious puppet named JoJo.”

“TrICA allows us to be a part of Jillian’s mission to make reading fun and foster literacy in the Treasure Valley.”

We thank Jillian for her incredible dedication to Idaho libraries, for the years she spent workin in Idaho’s libraries, and to her service to the profession through the Idaho Library Association. We honor your work, Jillian, by awarding you the Special Services to Libraries Award for 2012.

Amy Vecchione, Digital Access Librarian/Assistant Professor, Albertsons Library, Boise State University


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