Courage to Find the Fire Within: Invest in Yourself to Discover Your Passion [Review]

Courage to Find the Fire Within

Courage to Find the Fire Within: Invest in Yourself to Discover Your Passion

Peter Hobler

Eagle, Idaho: Aloha Publishing, 2013

ISBN: 978-1-61206-054-5, paperback

143 pages, $14.95

Peter Hobler’s book, Courage to Find the Fire Within: Invest in Yourself to Discover Your Passion,has a purpose and that is to give the reader the tools to encourage the discovery of being brave enough to conquer the fear of the unknown and to realize their full potential.

Fear can be defined as, “to expect misgivings”. When we hear the word, “fire”, we think of flame or heat. Fire is also an emotional passion that ignites or intensifies strong feelings. Once we discover how to move beyond our misgivings and discover the possibilities that present themselves we naturally want to continue the positive changes that will occur in our lives, in essence, we are fueling the fire within.

Peter Hobler has clearly faced obstacles in his life that prevented him from realizing all of his dreams. From his experiences he reflected on where he had been, what his current status was in his life and where he wanted to be both personally and professionally in the future. To our benefit the tools he provides to the reader are “tried and true”.

First and foremost Hobler expresses and encourages the need for gratitude in all aspects of our life. It is easy to be thankful for the good that happens to us; however, it is just as important to appreciate and learn from our negative experiences. They, too, are lessons that enhance our lives and encourage personal growth.

The author suggests to the reader the need to identify their goals and passions and ask themselves where they want to be successful in their lives and what self-improvements they want to make. He then gives tools and instructions on how to go about reaching their full potential.

I appreciate that he emphasizes the need to take responsibility for the outcome once goals have been set. Each day the reader is encouraged to do a “self-check” asking if they did indeed do their best in all ways. By asking this question it keeps the responsibility on the reader and prevents blame from being placed on other people if the outcome is undesirable.

In Chapter 4 “The Principles of Courage,” Hobler presents his main beliefs. The author teaches the importance of awareness in our lives. He tells a story about someone turning down an opportunity and their reason is due to the fact that he had never experienced it before. It is an example of not allowing ourselves to learn, grow, and discover something simply because it is unknown to us.

This book is all about self-awareness and the tools to lead the reader to greatness. The benefit of the book is that it is written and presented by an author that truly has a desire to share his own remarkable life lessons and that he was savvy enough to create skill sets for the reader to use and realize their full potential.

I would highly recommend this book to libraries needing self-help books or to anyone just needing motivation to explore their passions. Any reader will benefit by utilizing and instituting the lessons into their daily life. Immediately the reader will become excited and motivated to discover what fuels their passion and take the steps that will lead him or her to personal greatness and success.

Saralyn Lyonnais is an Administrative Assistant at the Kuna Library in Southwest Idaho.


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