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Tarzan and the Comics of Idaho

Albert Frank Asker with Idaho Comics Group kindly gave up permission to present the comic below.  The ICG publishes the officially licensed “Tarzan and the Comics of Idaho” comic book anthology that benefits the Boise Public Library.  Tarzan and the Comics of Idaho debuted at the 2014 Library Comic Con. This comic book features writers and artists from the state of Idaho (with the exception of Charles Soule).  Their mission is to promote sequential art in the state of Idaho and to educate the public on all of our Gem State comic book creators past (like Edgar Rice Burroughs) and present.

TARZAN COVER Page 16 (Paul) Page 17 (paul) Page 18 (paul)

Copies of the Tarzan comic book are still on sale at the Tree City Books at Boise Public Library downtown.

Idaho Comics Group values it’s partnerships with Idaho libraries.  In addition to putting together this anthology to benefit the Boise Public Library they have also worked very closely with Dr. Cheryl Oestreicher, the head of Special Collections and Archives at the Boise State University Library, to add comic books and graphic novels by Idahoans to their depository.  Also, they have worked closely with April Blankenship of the Kamiah Community Library, providing copies of their books for their “Teen Read Week” giveaways.

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You won’t believe your eyes when you see this call for The Idaho Librarian

This year The Idaho Librarian is trying something new.


We’ve been online for awhile but we haven’t really been acting like it.


We’d like to bring you more content on a continuous basis.

continuousWe’d like to interact with you more.


We’d like everyone to be having more fun!


Because right now whenever we send out a call or release an issue:

tumbleweedWe’ve got a super handful of contributors who have been keeping us going for the last couple of years but they need more super friends.

superfriendsWe’re all in this profession because we LOVE libraries!


Let’s share that love by sharing awesome library-related things on the internet!

shareWe want to see anything you want to submit about libraries, books, data, research, or information literacy!


Bonus points here as in life if it is about Idaho!

idahoSo get creative!  We’re not just looking for articles!  We’re looking for opinion pieces, infographics, lists, listicles, best practices, personal experience, photo essays, videos.  We might even be persuaded to publish fiction, poetry, art or comics.


If it is awesome and it is about libraries we are into it.  That’s our new jam in 2015.

deal1All of our book reviews go through Laura Abbott.  Keep an eye out for her announcements or contact her to let her know you are interested.

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