Remember me?


Long time no see. Remember the last time we connected? You said you liked my gifs. I said I liked you liking my gifs. We laughed. You said you’d be down to, you know, submit some content. I thought we had something real but I haven’t heard from you. Maybe you lost my number or maybe the fact that Kevin was hanging around put you off. Kevin isn’t around all the time, I promise. I want to maintain that special spark we had. I’m not saying we have to go straight to article-town. I’m a gentleman. We can take it slow. Maybe we can just try a little list of best practices. Or I’d love to hear about an event you did, I’m always interested in hearing how your day went. Just hit me up. I’m available pretty much whenever. If I’m not here just leave a message with Kevin, he’s always here. Can’t wait to hear from you!



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