The Idaho Librarian is a publication of the Idaho Library Association. We publish articles and information relevant to libraries and librarianship in Idaho, though topics need not be unique to the state. Idaho-related articles written by authors not located in Idaho and who are not members of the Idaho Library Association are within the scope of the journal.

Journal Sections

  • Field Notes: This section includes stories from Idaho libraries related to events, projects, and other activities. Personnel changes will not be included.
  • Perspectives: Composed of viewpoints or editorial-type articles from members of the Idaho library community.
  • Features: This occasional section will be composed of scholarly articles reviewed by experts in the field.
  • News: Association-related news and announcements.
  • Reviews: Reviews of titles published within the last year or at the discretion of the Reviews Editor.

Fair Use Statement

There may be occurrences where images or text from outside sources makes it to articles and reviews that appear in The Idaho Librarian. Affiliated with the Idaho Library Association, a non-profit, it is the journal’s intent to adhere to Copyright and Fair Use laws. We base our Fair Use claims on the best practices established by the University of Idaho Library and the Association of Research Libraries (ARL).





Robert Perret, University of Idaho

Reviews Editor

Laura Abbott, Nampa Public Library

Technology Editor

Ellie Dworak, Boise State University

Editorial Board

Chris Fox, BYU Idaho
Philip Homan, Idaho State University
Kim Leeder, College of Western Idaho
Beth Swenson, Twin Falls Public Library
Amy E. Vecchione, Boise State University, United States
Lizzy Anne Walker, Wichita State University, United States

Articles prior to Fall 2011 are archived HERE.


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