Fall 2013, v. 63, no. 2

Welcome to the Fall 2013 issue of The Idaho Librarian! Please enjoy the articles and feel free to comment or share using WP’s features.


Fall 2013, v. 63, no. 2

Peer Reviewed

A Survey Experience from the Academic Library Trenches
by Cheryl Hoover and Megan Thomas

Featured Articles

Inquiring Minds Want to Know: Exploring Inquiry with the Library of Congress
by Kathy Dorr

Assessing and Developing Genre Collections
by Robert Perret

Muslim Journeys with the Ada Community Library Victory Branch
by Diane B. Rice

Library as Place in Communities: A Literature Review
by Elaine Sloan

Tech Talk

Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records: An Introduction and Literature Review
by Tracie Kreighbaum

Four Creative Ways to Say Yes in Information Services
by Damaris Lewer

Idaho Libraries Shake Up the Maker Movement: Creating Makers, Then Spaces
by Teresa Lipus

Cross Cultural Competence as an Aspect of Improving Diversity in Library Collections
by Elizabeth Ramsey

Information Professionals and Technology
by Nancy Venable


How I Survived Grad School: Five Tips to Help New Students Through Two Very Tough Years
by Beth Swenson


Working in Sync: How Eleven Dartmouth Athletes Propelled Their College Sports Experience into Professional Experience [Review]
reviewed by Alex Kyrios

Library Services for Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders [Review]
reviewed by Gena Marker

25 Absolutely Essential Things You Need to Know About Writing and Publishing a Book [Review]
reviewed by Gregg Whitmore

Works Cited: an Alphabetical Odyssey of Mayhem and Misbehavior [Review]
reviewed by George Williams

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